Workshop : December 2017

Our final meeting of 2017 was an “in-house” workshop led by our own Ann Simpson entitled “A Design for your Christmas Table”. This comprised two cardboard cake stands linked by plastic orchid tubes, with the space between the two discs and the top a good space for Christmas decorations.


Astrid and Alison


Irene and Sue


Christine and Barbara


Alex and Daphne




A close-up of Astrid’s design with peach roses and a dog!




Christmas Demonstration : November 2017

We were delighted to welcome back Elaine Bedford to be our 2017 Christmas demonstrator. Interestingly, because of a problem with the heating at the Church Hall where we normally meet, the Church authorities very kindly allowed us to use the Church itself (where it was warm!) which worked very well. We are grateful to Elaine for her humour, expertise and generosity in constructing brilliant designs that were given away in their entirety to the raffle prize winners.


Elaine Bedford with (hidden behind the hippeastrum) Val Davies during the Vote of Thanks







Elaine (trying to hide behind one of her designs)

Workshop : October 2017

The October meeting featured an extremely interesting workshop with Lucy Hutton-Smith (now Lucy Richardson) with her theme “Upcycle for Autumn” using stripped-down picture frames, decorated with moss, as wonderfully adaptable “containers” for flower designs.

Pictured below are some of our members working on their frames.

It was heartening to see that EVERY attendee at the meeting “had a go” at the design, and we were very grateful to Lucy for her great ideas.


Annual General Meeting : September 2017

The AGM took place in September. No club officers changed, that comes next September.

Following the AGM we had a fascinating talk by our own Sue Cawood on one of the great loves of her life: brooches. She must have brought hundreds with her on display, and her talk included stories behind some of these jewelled works of art.