Demonstration 4 March 2014

For our March meeting we were delighted to welcome back Julie Cook from Scarborough who entertained us with a demonstration intriguingly called “Indigo and Oranges”. The theme for the evening was taken from Julie’s time a few years ago when she was a VSOE volunteer in Nigeria.


A spiral design complementing the spiral material, coloured with real indigo dye




Julie working on her third design, “The Village Chief’s Gift”




The fourth design with the cattle herder’s blanket




Working on the fifth, spiral designImage

The sixth and final design, a floral tapestry.Image

Julie Cook.

4 February meeting

The meeting in February was a PowerPoint presentation by our own member Tony Cleaver who entertained us with an illustrated talk entitled “A Taste of Summer” featuring a selection of open gardens in Córdoba, Amsterdam and the Loire Valley.